CFUnited survey results

What do you want to get out of CFUNITED-07 this week?

-Gain new knowledge and experience in CF -Meet others in industry(networking) -Learn about Flex, Ajax, Framworks -Inspirtation and to learn from professionals -Best practices for CF development -Meet like-minded people

What is the most important thing that needs to change for the future of web development? When this change has occurred how will you feel? Why?

-Web browser and language standardization -Feel relieved, and save a lot of time. It would Be a lot easier to create cross-browser code. -More security and better hacker protection -Feel less worried (especially people who work for a government agency) -Sites need to be more intuitive, interactive, and user-friendly. -Feel excited about what else the future will hold, because the Web is going to continue to evolve and grow. It might stagnate at times, but will see bursts of creativity. -Better user interfaces and easier ways to create them. This way, ordinary people can create CF-based web services. -Feel great as there will be lots of people to help with CF!

What is the most challenging action you can take after this conference? What is a small first step you can take on this action today?

-Apply knowledge and concepts that have been learned to job. -STUDY! Listen to podcasts and review tips. -Learning to "think outside the box" and use what has been learned indtead of what is just convenient or easy -strive to abandon "procedural" way of thinking. -Move to Flex (HTML is not very challenging easy) -Learn and train on Flex from source book -Support other developers and convey what has been learned to co-workers -Really listen to the speakers, concentrate on the big picture instead of getting caught up in the details. Can always go back and review the details later.

Is there any thing that TeraTech can do to help?

-Share mp3's of the sessions with all attendees to that they can be referred to after the conference. It's otherwise a lot to take in. -Get more involved in the Federal Government -Free online training