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2007 CU228

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If you missed this class, we had a great time. I'll tell you in a moment how you can see the class again in the future.

The focus was a review of the many (many!) things, large and small, that were introduced in 6, 6.1, 7, 7.01, 7.02, and cumulative hotfixes between them. You'd be really surprised. In fact, I showed over 100 changes! :-)

If you've either just moved to 6 or 7, or about to move to 8, or been sitting on any of them but not doing new coding, this class is about getting you up to speed on making you a better, more informed developer using all those features.

If you missed it, the reviews were great, and people really were surprised by how much they'd missed and are looking forward to going back to work to apply what they've learned.

I do look forward to making it posssible for you to see the class again in the future. It's a day-long class (and that was compressed), so it can't be done at user groups or for free. But if you work for an organization that may be in this position of running 6 or 7 but not fully leveragingit, I'd be happy to bring the class to you. Drop me an email to discuss the rate and timing (charlie at

I also am considering turning this into an online class, for those who don't have enough colleagues to justify bringing the class in-house. More news about that will be posted in the future on my site or blog, at