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Open Source Contest Entries

Below are the entries for the Open Source Code Off. A winner will be announced soon on the CFUnited Blog. We have named the entries for the purpose of helping us identify them with the CFUnited Advisory Board.

Thanks for everyone's participation! The contest is over, however please continue sharing codes with the community. More Open Source Codes

Brice Mason "Tag Benchmark"

My entry is a custom tag set, Dreamweaver extension, and tag library dedicated to benchmarking blocks of CFML. For more information, you may also visit
Download File

Luis Majano "ColdBox"

My open source project is ColdBox: An open source ColdFusion Framework and Developer Toolkit. You can find more information here:
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Barney Boisvert "Transaction Advice"

A simple transaction advice implementation for ColdSpring-managed CFCs. It gracefully handles nested invocations (unlike CFTRANSACTION), and moves all transaction demarcation out of the code and into a configuration file (the ColdSpring XML file).
It is licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0. Download File

Barney Boisvert "Management Tool"

A simple schema management tool. You write your database mods into migration scripts (CFCs), and then the tool manages application of the scripts on an as-needed basis in all environments the application is deployed to. Very handy if you have a laptop, an office workstation, a home machine, and a production server and don't want to spend your life keeping the databases backing each one in sync with the others.
It is licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0.
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Barney Boisvert "Formatting Timestamps"

Two simple UDFs for doing fuzzy formatting of timestamps and timespans (think GMail and Trac respectively). They might not seem like much, I've found they lend a certain softness to applications that can have great effect on users' minds, and I use them (or there equivalents) whenever possible.
It is licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0.
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Brad Wood "Resend Undeliverable Mail"

This is a very simple little app I wrote a while back to help manage CF's undeliverable mail when the mail server would go down. It seemed once every few months our mail server would get screwed up and stop relaying mail. I wouldn't notice it for hours until someone called to ask why their mail wasn't being sent. Then I had to go manually copying all the .cfmail files back into the spool directory on each server...
Drop this folder on your server and hit the index page for some basic information. Check out Application.cfm for the settings.
There are really only three main files that do anything:

  • monitor_undeliverable_mail.cfm is designed to be called every hour as a scheduled task. It will notify you (through an external SMTP server of your choosing) when too much undeliverable mail has backed up in one day so you can respond quickly to fix the problem.
  • view_all_undeliverable_mail.cfm will show you all the E-mail for the past x number of days that have not sent. It parses through the .cfmail file to display all the information from each message.
  • resend_undeliverable_mail.cfm will attempt to resend all mail for the past x number of days by copying the .cfmail files from the undeliverable folder back into the spool folder for you, then waiting for the spool to run to verify they get processed.

I'm sure there are some more creative ways people can find to notify themselves if their mail server stops sending like sending an instant message via some sort of cfhttp post, but that will be a future enhancement I guess. Anyway, there you go. It's made my life easier already. Maybe it can help some one else too.
Download File

Sajid Anwar "Minute Converter"

Converts seconds to minutes, minutes to seconds, minutes to hours, and hours to minutes.
Download File

Mary Jo Sminkey "USPS tracker"

This component handles USPS shipping rates and tracking. The rates method will calculate a total rate given multiple packages from multiple shippers, discarding any unmatched rates. Handles both domestic and international rates, and supports latest changes to the USPS code for determining oversized package rates. The tracking method will return tracking information for a package, given a USPS confirmation code. Examples of how to use each are included.
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Jeff Howden "A Worthwhile Custom Tag"

A custom tag (remember those? *grin*) that essentially extends the less than stellar functionality of the tag into something truly worthwhile and useful.
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Mahfuz Anwar "Works Cited"

Works Cited is a citation maker built with Flex and distributed using Apollo. The Adobe Apollo runtime is required to run this tool. Documentation is included.
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Laura Arguello "Mango Blog"

Mango Blog is a blog engine.
Documentation can be found at:
(Note to Ben: Mango's source code has only been available to a few beta testers, until now, I guess :))
Download File

Jeffrey C. Ludden "Mapper"

A ColdFusion/MS Access based redirects database that will help you map an old path/filename to a new path/filename. This is especially helpful when redesigning a site where people may have bookmarks to an old page that is getting renamed or moved into a new directory structure.
Download File

Russ Johnson "Issue Tracker"

ColdFusion issue tracker /project management application with wiki and svn browser.
Site was just launched at
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Simon Horwith "Security Framework"

The Open Source ColdFusion Security Framework is a portable light weight solution to meeting the authentication and authorization demands often encountered as part of the requirements for web applications. The framework is XML driven and encapsulates its business logic in a CFC which exposes functionality via an API. The security framework is much more flexible and robust than the security functionality built into CFML - it has support for users, groups, roles, tasks, and priveleges - and where appropriate also supports both "allow" and "restrict" lists.

It can be quickly and easily dropped in to any CFMX application and, in addition to integrating with bespoke CF applications, the security framework could easily be integrated with Fusebox, Model Glue, or any of the other popular ColdFusion frameworks.

For a full description of the security framework and it's components, see the documentation included in the zip file.
Download File

Joe Danziger "Project Tracker"

Project Tracker 1.0 Beta
This app was inspired by Basecamp from 37signals. It is a project management and collaboration tool. It allows avatars on CF8, but works fine on any version of CFMX. Please see the readme for more details, and let me know if you have any questions. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :)
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Boyan Kostadinov "Movie Tracker"

A movies library application for easily managing your personal movies collection. Features include:
- Keeping track of different format movies
- Keeping track of different location for each movie
- Automagic linking to IMDB database
- Filtering movie display by first letter of the movie's title
- Separate display for duplicate movies
- Sorting of the movies by name,date,format and location
The application uses the Model-Glue unity framework and various JavaScript library to make for a nice, easy to use interface.
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