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Solo Coding

Just an update about the Solo Coding BOF: the description in the guide isn't really accurate. :-) The BOF leaders (Charlie Arehart, Chaz Chumley, Mark Drew, Kurtis Leatham, Patrick Quinn, and others) want to say that we'll just be having a roundtable discussion (including you) regarding various topics related to coding on your own, including best practices, etc. Some possible points of discussion are:

  • Deciding when to adopt a framework (Starting off solo but adopting a team at a later stage)
  • Building scalable applications (determining how large your target audience is)
  • Best of breeds development (ColdFusion, Ajax, Flex)
  • What do you do when you have more work than you can handle, I.E. juggling priorities
  • Where to turn when stuck on a “How will I do that” type of problem
  • Keeping abreast of new technologies and deciding on when to learn something new. I.E. Flex VS CF.
  • Deciding how much to bill and when do you raise your rates
  • Bid on projects by hour or by project itself. If by the project how to manage scope creep
  • How time and billing is managed, I.E. generating invoices and tracking hours worked
  • When to invest in new technology and software, how to stay abreast of changes in the technology realm.
  • Managing client’s expectations. Do I keep having to outdo myself?