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Hello CF Community and Conference Supporters. This wiki site is to provide conference attendees a central connection to share information and make their experience more enjoyable. See the menu below. Please be sure to login first before adding pages and comments to this Wiki Site. Please note that your comments may be monitored. Questions, contact info (at) or AIM - CFConfCentral

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Attendee Special Conference Room

New for 2008 is we are donating an empty room with just tables and chairs to attendees to plan their own events and sessions outside of the main conference Schedule. Lafayette Room Schedule

Blogs and resources

Please post your blog or website on CFUnited Blog links


Get together with other CFUnited Attendees

Find something to do while you are in town. Make a reservation and see if anyone would like to join you. Share your tips for having fun in DC.

2008 Classes and Sessions


CFUNITED-08 Rideshare and hotel share info

Want to keep your travel costs low? Try sharing a ride or a room.

Hotel Accommodations



Rideshare Airports


Blog and Link Share Click on this link to list your favorite links, blogs, websites, etc.